Vallée Blanche

Home to the most famous off-piste skiing descent in the world, there is nothing quite like the Vallee Blanche. Situated within the Mont Blanc massif, this valley is both gorgeous and perfect for off-piste skiing. The valley is nearly 20 kilometres long, and the descent is a thrilling, nearly 2800 vertical metre drop. Starting at the amazing Aiguille du midi (3,842), we will make our way all the way down to Chamonix. The descent itself it not only thrilling, but is also an incredible journey down the white valley. You will be constantly surrounded by snow covered wilderness and some of the Alps‘ most impressive peaks. They include Mont Blanc (4,808m), Mont Maudit (4,465m), and an assortment of others. Also, as you make your way down the valley, you will get to see several incredible glaciers. The most famous glacier being the Mer de Glace. This amazing glacier stretches over 7 kilometres long and is 200 metres deep, and it will be in full view as you make your descent down the Vallee Blanche.

C'est l'itinéraire le plus facile techniquement et le plus parcouru. La vallée Blanche offre un ski hors piste d'un dénivelée de presque 2800 mètres depuis l'aiguille du Midi jusqu'à Chamonix. Descendre la vallée blanche, c'est s'offrir un voyage sur le dos de trois glaciers parmi les plus prestigieux d'Europe.

Nombre de jours: 
1 jour
400 euros de 1 à 4 personnes + 20 euros par personne supplémentaire, avec un maximum de 6 personnes par guide.